Classic Haircut
650 Czk
Long Hair Haircut
750 Czk
Classic Haircut & Hot Towel Shave
900 Czk
Classic Haircut & Beard Trim
850 Czk
Hot Towel Shave
500 Czk
Clipper Cut
400 Czk
Clipper Cut & Hot Towel Shave
750 Czk
Hair or Beard coloring
from 600 Czk
Barber ILLIA
Barber EUGEN
About Us
About Barbershop BUDDY Praha «Buddy» Barbershop which is situated in Prague, was opened by Illia Pashkov. The idea of making barbershop, come to his mind 5 years ago. He dreamed about a place, where only men can get haircut and hot towel shave in manly atmosphere. He was the first one in Prague who made this. Illia rent the chair in a hair salon to make only men’s haircuts. After few years of hard work, he decided to go for a risk. Illia opened the first «BUDDY» Barbershop in Žižkov, Prague. He worked alone for a long time, but good reviews about this place sounded through Prague and another barbers come to «Buddy» to work. Now there are two places made by Illia where men can get a haircut. «Buddy» barbershop and «Buddy» male hairdressing. The barbershop is very special for the whole team, same as the costumer service and their satisfaction. This place has retro atmosphere and style of original barbering. Here can men get traditional service. «Buddy» male hairdressing is the result of many years of experience and desire to develop in barbering craft. Illia and few barbers from the team start to see the fashion before it come. They create new vision on male haircut, which you can discover in «Buddy» male hairdressing.
Žižkov, Vlkova 9, Praha 3

+420 602 261 821

Mo – St: 10 – 19

Su: Closed